Cleaning EMV (chip card) readers

What is EMV? And how can I maintain these new readers?

"EMV" stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa - the developers of this standard.

A more secure card

EMV cards feature "smart chips," which encrypt data for every sale, making card transactions more secure.

A new payment experience

EMV cards are designed to be inserted into the reader and remain in place throughout the entire transaction. All credit card companies have now made the transition to chip enabled cards.

How do I maintain my EMV-readers?

In the new generation of ATMs operating under the new EMV standard, payment information transfer occurs via chip contacts instead of magnetic heads.

Our DISKO cleaning cards (patent EP 0 789 313) are the only cards in the world able to do it well and effectively.

Please check out the following products for this new technology:

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Item #1533 3 Cards w/moving slide Cleaning Kit/Chip Readers – 36 Cleanings
Item #1534 1 Card w/moving slide Cleaning Kits Hybrid Card Reader – 12 Cleanings
Item #1535 6 Cards w/moving slide Cleaning Kit/Chip Readers – 72 Cleanings
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