About ACT Cleaning Cards

Cleaning Cards entered the marketplace in 1990. At that time, not only were we producing the first IPA saturated ‘mag reader’ cleaning card but also the first IPA saturated bill validator cleaning card. These items revolutionized the cleaning card industry because prior to this introduction, all cleaning products were comprised of dry wipes, cotton swabs and bottles of various chemical solutions.

In 1992, the market was again forever changed with the introduction of the Thermal Printer Cleaning Pen. Following on the heels of this item, an entire line of cleaning cards manufactured with a proprietary light blocking substrate consisting of a unique opaque material came on the scene. This substrate blocked light well above the ultra violet spectrum. The introduction of cleaning cards manufactured with this material enabled us to forge into other industries such as transit, optical and security. Also in 1992, we introduced a revolutionary textured and encoded cleaning card that enabled the cleaning of ATM’s without taking them out of service.

We were the first company that recognized industry changes in cleaning solutions specific to the electronic components compatibility with solvents. We introduced the first 100% ALCOHOL FREE (A-F) cleaning solution, a USDA approved, environmentally safe, non-toxic solvent. The special formulation was introduced into the automatic merchandising industry in 1995 and was successfully integrated into other industries such as POS, Barcode ID and Gaming.

At the beginning of 2001, we introduced a camber style cleaning card in conjunction with our European partner. This style cleaning card of raised and lowered fibers, with a proprietary microfiber material, is widely used in the bill/note acceptor industry in Europe, Asia and South America today.

In 2008 we signed an exclusive distributor agreement with DISKO Products a revolutionary European manufacturer of highly specialized and proprietary IT cleaning products and cleaning cards to store and distribute their products in our US warehouse. This agreement allows us to offer cutting edge technology products that are initiated in Europe, the leader in the latest equipment changes and revisions.