Check Scanner Cleaning Card 4.375″ x 8″
25 cards/box


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Check Transport Lenses and Pathways Hold Paper Dust and Ink Residue
The optical lenses within a check transport are critical, as they read and validate each check that passes through. These lenses become contaminated with dirt and debris that accumulates from pollutants in the environment, clouding the captured image and making it difficult to read. The Check Scanner Cleaning Card is designed to clean the optical lenses as well as the transport mechanisms that feed each check through the scanner. Consistent preventative maintenance using this cleaning card will keep your check transport performing as designed.

These check scanner cleaning cards will clean and are recommended for the following equipment:

  • TellerScan Check Scanners – TS200, TS210, TS220
  • MagTek Check Scanners
  • Canon Check Scanners
  • Panini Check Scanners
  • NCR Check Scanners
  • Epson Check Scanners
  • Digital Check Scanners
  • And many others!

Priced by the box. 25 cleaning cards per box. For quantities over 25 boxes, please contact our sales staff by phone at +1 442-324-2241 or email us us for a quote.

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