Cleaning Kit Mag Stripe Readers
40 cleaning/kit



DISKO cleaning cards are covered with a highly effective dirt-absorbing micro fibre top layer on both sides. As a result, the card can be used 4 times providing an excellent. DISKO micro fibre cleaning cards 1555 can be used in swipe and insert readers (with the exception of card readers in ATMs and other cash machines). The micro fibre cleaning cards for magnetic heads can also be used for cleaning all card reader chip contacts with so-called fixed slide contacts. Magnetic card readers can currently be found in a variety of machines, including POS, and credit card terminals, parking ticketing machines, vending machines, video/DVD rental machines, ticket and casino slot machines, door opener and security systems; etc 10 Microfiber Cleaning Cards – 40 Cleanings

Priced by the kit. For quantities over 25 kits, please contact our sales staff by phone at 1-+1 442-324-2241 or email us for a quote.

Play the video below to see how these cards effectively clean the chip mag stripe reader contacts to keep your POS and ATM equipment running smoothly.

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Weight 1.00 lbs