EMV Cleaning Kit for ATMs w/Spring Systems
52 Cleanings


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In the new generation of ATM’s operating under the new EMV standard, payment information transfer occurs via chip contacts instead of magnetic heads. This new and reliable chip technology offers additional security in dealing with electronic payment transactions. Once an ATM card is fed into the card reader, chip contacts are pressed onto the card’s microchip (landing contacts technology). No friction occurs between the card microchip and the card reader chip contacts. Clean chip contacts are extremely important for defect-free payment transaction, as even a small amount of skin oils affecting the chip contacts can disrupt the ATM operation.
When it comes to cleaning ATM chip contacts Disko cleaning cards are the only cards in the world able to do it well and effectively. The cleaning card for ATM chip contacts is a semi-automatic card with a specially developed spring system. Before the cleaning card is fed in the spring system it is put under tension, once the chip landing contacts
come in touch with the cleaning card the spring system is released, the high-quality microfibre top layer moves over the chip reading contacts and ensures optimal cleaning. With regular preventive cleaning of chip contacts, operators can avoid costly defects of the card reader.
13 Microfiber Encoded Cards (4 strip) & 1 Metal Card – 52 Cleanings

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