EMV Cleaning Kit
3 cleaning cards w/moving slide 36 Cleaning


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in recent years, Disko has developed a high-quality cleaning card with a moving slide system and a top layer made from elastic microfibre cleaning cloth for optimal cleaning of chip contacts. The microfibre cleaning cloth is welded to the movable slide using a high-frequency technique. After full insertion of the cleaning card the chip reading contacts automatically will be pressed against the microfibre top layer of the card. Cleaning the contacts, the body of the cleaning card should be held with one hand. The movable slide should be moved backwards and forwards a number of times with the other hand. As a result, the microfibre top layer of the cleaning card is moved over the chip reading contacts to clean them. The cleaning card, used dry with no chemical cleaning products, can simply be removed from the card reader after cleaning. Each card can be used 12 times, providing users an excellent price-to-quality ratio, 3 Cleaning Cards w/Moving Slide – 36 Cleanings

Priced by the kit. For quantities over 25 kits, please contact our sales staff by phone at +1 442-324-2241 or email us for a quote.

Play the video below to see how this card effectively cleans the chip reader contacts and keeps your POS and ATM equipment running smoothly.

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